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Project Overview

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Habitat is starting construction of a 1,260 square foot, 3-bedroom home at 910 Zenobia Street, Wauseon.  

How does it work? Habitat homeowners are actively involved and work hard to purchase their homes.  Their no- or low-interest mortgages provide an affordable household budget that will improve their quality of living.  Habitat works on the principal of giving a “Hand Up”, never a hand out, and is committed to fulfilling the overall Habitat mission.  We provide strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter, positively impacting 23 families to date, and the communities they live in.

How does this affect you?  Habitat projects rely on community support through individuals, churches, businesses and service organizations.  We bring people together to build and repair homes, communities and hope. 

We ask you to consider partnering with Habitat on this project. 

What’s involved?  Construction is beginning, contractors and materials suppliers sought and scheduling planned.  Volunteer work days should begin soon.  WE INVITE AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO JOIN US!  Volunteering on a Habitat project is fun and fulfilling – many of our volunteers say they get more out of the experience than they give.  Additionally, meals and greeters on work days are needed.  Most importantly, please consider a donation to offset project expenses.  Our cash outlay is typically $70,000 to complete a project.  Before the final nail is in place, we must be able to pay for it.  Sponsor organizations receive PR throughout the project and all donors get a charitable contribution receipt.

Habitat’s intent is to include community members as much as they wish to be involved.  Please contact the Habitat office if you have any questions.

We hope to meet you during this process and show Habitat's newest homeowners how much support they have in Fulton County!


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Thank You to Our Project Sponsors!

  • Dennis Apartments
  • Subway/JJM Associates

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • Dennis
  • Subway
  • The Rose Group
    The Rose Group
  • Sully's Bakery & Bistro
    Sully's Bakery & Bistro
  • Winchesters
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  • Rob Stultz
    Rob Stultz
  • Gearig Floors
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  • Tinys Dairy Barn
    Tinys Dairy Barn
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    Mark Powers
  • Dental Health Assocs
    Dental Health Assocs
  • F&M
  • Thank you M&R
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  • Thank you Ace Hardware
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  • State Bank
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    Blue Ribbon Diner
  • Thank you The Supply Place at Ace
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    Healthy Habits
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    Marco's Pizza
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    Delta 109
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    Healthy Spot
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    The Barn
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    Pisanello's Pizza
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    Tano's Pizza
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    Thank you United Way
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