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How to Help


Building houses with Habitat is an experience you’ll never forget. Our volunteer opportunities don’t require special skills or construction experience, just a readiness to pitch in and help. Some Habitat volunteers build houses, while others work with families, reach out to sponsors or serve on a variety of planning committees or Board of Directors.

  • Individuals

    Join us, and work alongside others who've committed themselves to action.

  • Groups

    Nothing builds cohesion like building a Habitat home together. Manage an existing group or start a new one—our projects involve companies, service clubs, professional associations, church groups and many other kinds of organizations.

  • Youth Involvement

    We appreciate all of our volunteers and do our best to make sure everyone has a fantastic build day. Part of having a great build day is safety. Due to the hazards of construction work, there are some limitations on what volunteers under 18 may do.

  • Ages 15-17

    Minors 15–17 are allowed to participate in construction work, but are prohibited from using power tools; being on ladders, scaffolding, or walk boards more than 4’ higher than surrounding area; being on platforms or decks without hand or guard rails when more than 4’ above surrounding area; and being on a roof or participating in roofing. Minor groups participating on a build site must have adult supervision. All minors must complete a liability waiver and have it signed by their parent or guardian.

  • Ages 14 and Under

    Minors 14 and under are not allowed on active sites unless it is to bring food and drinks during the lunch break or when there is no active construction. Certain tasks can be performed during non-active work days, including but not limited to: cleaning, landscaping.

  • GREETERS: Each work day we have a Greeter that provides hospitality, makes sure waivers and sign in sheets are filled out and keeps the volunteers hydrated by handing out bottled water. This is a very important volunteer position that doesn't require construction activity.

    MEALS: We also need meals donated each work day for the volunteer crews. "Think potluck" and you've got the idea. It can be as simple as ordering a bunch of pizzas or as detailed as a full spread of crockpot sandwich meat, chips, fruit and dessert. Or anything inbetween!

    COMMITTEES: Committee members serve behind-the-scenes making sure the Affiliate is prepared for each project and to serve as many local individuals in need as possible. See our Board, Staff and Committee Description pages for more information on each committee.

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Our Board of Directors volunteer and commit to governing the operations so our mission can fulfill it's vision. Find out more about serving on the Board.

    Contact our office if you'd like to volunteer as a Greeter, provide a meal or learn more about serving on a Committee or the Board.
    Check our Event Calendar to sign up for work days or fundraising activities.

Contact Information

Are you organizing a team to volunteer or planning to volunteer often?  If so, request access to our Volunteer Portal.  There you can log in and get forms, policies and inside info on all of our volunteer opportunities.  (It's not a secret code, but it sure feels a little sneaky).  Our staff can assist you with your planning and help make it an awesome experience.  Fill out the request below for Portal Access and we'll get you started.

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