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Who We Are

Board & Staff - Committee Descriptions

Our board and staff have an unwavering commitment to the Habitat mission, and a passion for serving those in need. We work tirelessly to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization.

  • Partner Selection Committee

    Members are responsible for reviewing applicant data in a non-discriminatory process and recommending applicants to the Board of Directors for partnership. This committee meets as needed, typically 1-2 times per year.

  • Partner Support Committee

    This committee is responsible for mentoring new partners as they perform pre-project requirements including sweat equity and educational classes. Preparing partners for homeownership is rewarding and fun. This committee also provides support to existing Habitat homeowners throughout the loan term, if desired. Mentors meet with their partners monthly throughout the process and for 6 months after project closing.

  • Church Relations Committee

    The Church Relations committee communicates with area churches, providing details of our projects, events and volunteer opportunities. This committee advocates for the Habitat mission, sometimes giving presentations if churches request them. It's very rewarding working with our faith communities who wish to serve through Habitat's programs. Meets as needed.

  • Construction Committee

    The Construction committee oversees all Habitat projects, including vendor relations, materials and service ordering, project scheduling, team leader and project coordination. This is the heart of what we do in the Habitat world and is extremely rewarding. Construction knowledge is a plus but there is also need for organizational skill, volunteer scheduling and meal planning. The Construction committee is very active during projects which happen 1-2 times yearly.

  • Lot Selection Committee

    Lot Selection committee members keep their eyes and ears open for buildable lots in Fulton county that might be available for future Habitat projects. This committee meets as needed, 1-2 times per year, working closely with the construction committee.

  • Development Committee

    The Development committee actively plans fundraising events and activities that help fund our projects, spread the word about our mission and builds support. Members typically enjoy event planning and brainstorming for new ideas. This committee meets as needed, 2-4 times per year. It is busier during fundraising events.

  • Volunteer Coordination

    The Volunteer Coordination team helps make sure our volunteers are taken care of, recruits individuals and corportate teams as well as church groups and organizations to volunteer on our project sites and other events. It's a fun committee and active when we have projects going, 1-2 per year.

  • James Volunteering
    James Volunteering

Our Partners & Sponsors

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    Thank you Ace Hardware
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    Thank you Clancy's Cabinets
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