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Who We Are

Local Mission


Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio (HFHFCO or Habitat) builds homes in Fulton County, Ohio for people who need affordable housing and have little or no means to better their circumstances through conventional avenues.  We partner with people who are willing to work for what they need, giving a hand up, never a hand out.  This principle teaches skills so partners can provide for themselves and teach their children and grandchildren to do the same.  Each project requires pay back of the project price (determined through set standards).  These payments are affordable because no interest is charged.  Project costs are kept low through donations and volunteer labor from those in our communities.  Principal payments from partner-homeowners are used to fund the mission, but isn’t enough so we rely on donations, fundraisers and grants also.

Habitat operates as an Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI).  Each Affiliate sets its own policies and procedures, with guiding principles from HFHI.  The Affiliate Covenant is signed annually by all Board members and the Executive Director, then submitted to HFHI; this document sets forth the guiding principles and governing areas that HFHI recommends or requires of each Affiliate.  This is the “promise” from the Board and CEO that they will uphold the overall Habitat founding principles while serving with the local mission.

Habitat's IRS 990 is available for viewing on our website or you may review our charitable registration & financial reporting at:



Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County Ohio believes that every man, woman, and child in Fulton County should have a decent, affordable place to call “home”. 

Since 1999 we have completed 18 new houses – recycled 5- moving 23 families, including more than 61 children, from substandard housing into decent, affordable homes that they helped build and are now purchasing. Those families, those children, now live, play, sleep and study in a safe place.

Habitat builds with hard-working, very low-income families who make as little as $14,500 per year. They work a minimum of 250 hours on their own house and on other Habitat projects. The average cost of a Habitat house is $68,740 (2019). These funds come from the faith community, service clubs, businesses/organizations, corporations, individuals, and the mortgage payments from our Habitat homeowners. Habitat for Humanity is the largest private homebuilder in the United States. This is an amazing accomplishment considering 80% of the work on every Habitat house is done by volunteers.

in 2016, Habitat completed our 1st Home Repair Project for a family in Wauseon.  Repair projects add hope for families who cannot afford conventional repair expenses to their existing homes, bringing a new dimension to the local Habitat mission. In 2022, Habitat plans to start a Mobility Ramp Mission, providing wheelchair access and mobility ramps in our communities.

Habitat strives to assist partners in building positive futures, becoming active community members with vested interest in their neighborhoods.

We cannot complete these goals without help.  Donations are vital to our mission including monetary contributions designated to building, supplies and materials, services and volunteers to work on the “Build” or other projects.  Support and prayers are needed and welcomed.  Thank you for getting involved in the Habitat mission.  Your generosity and commitment will not go unnoticed.

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