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Playhouse Raffle - Official Rules

OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES: By participating, you agree that:

These Official Contest Rules may not be waived, modified, or supplemented except by Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio. No modification of these official contest rules shall be enforceable unless made by Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio.

The raffle drawing shall be held in Fulton County, Ohio. All tickets must be received by the drawing date to be eligible for the drawing.

Each ticket will be entered separately in the drawing. Each ticket is a separate and equal chance to win the playhouse/garden shed.

Winner has 30 days to take delivery on the playhouse/garden shed, or forfeits all claims thereto.  Delivery will be within Fulton County, Ohio only.  Any transportation outside of Fulton County, Ohio is the winner's sole responsibility.

Due to postal regulations, raffle ticket stubs cannot be returned by mail for purchases over the Internet, through the mail or by telephone. When an order is placed, we will complete the ticket by filling in the name, address, email address and phone number, and we will drop the ticket in the drawing box at the Habitat office. At the drawing, the winner will be contacted based on the name and information on the ticket. To claim the playhouse/garden shed, photo (ID) identification will be required to prove that this person is the person on the winning ticket. Purchasers do not need their ticket stubs for any reason. However, the stubs will be kept on file at the Habitat office. Purchasers can call the Habitat office or email to check when the order was processed and obtain their ticket number if so desired. 

If not present, winner notification will be made by telephone or mail.

Tickets are generally sold in numerical sequence. Various sales team members taking orders may have batches of tickets, and in this case, tickets may be sold out of order. Requests for a specific ticket number cannot be accommodated.

Participant must be at least 18 years old. Winner may be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility at the discretion of Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio.

Winner is solely responsible for any fees, insurance, homeowner association fees and all expenses in claiming and using the playhouse/garden shed. Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio has no liability with regard to fees/expenses for the playhouse/garden shed.

Playhouse/garden shed will not be modified by Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio to meet specific local, state or county requirements. Playhouse/garden shed will remain 'unpainted' so winner can customize it's final appearance to individual desire.  Customization is at the expense of winner.

No cash-option allowed.  Winner agrees to take playhouse/garden shed as prize agreed-upon at purchase.  If winner wishes to donate playhouse/garden shed instead, Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio may, at it's own discretion, agree to delivery within Fulton County, Ohio to winner's designated donor location.  

In the event the playhouse/garden shed is lost, damaged, destroyed, or otherwise not available, Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio's liability shall be limited to refund of ticket price to participants. Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County Ohio's liability for any other claim is limited to refund of ticket prices.

Winner agrees to the use of his/her name, address, photograph or videotape likeness and statements for publicity purposes by Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio, and agrees to sign a publicity release without any further compensation.

Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time, in which event its liability is limited to refund of ticket prices to participants. 

Ticket sales to Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio employees and their immediate families are prohibited. Immediate family includes spouse, children, and children’s spouse.

Any person who engages in conduct designed to corrupt the outcome of a charitable gaming activity with the purpose to defraud, or knowing that he is facilitating a fraud, is guilty of a Class D felony.


All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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