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Required Application Materials

Habitat must take your best interests in mind which means making sure our program will place you into a more positive situation.  Because of that, we review a lot of information before we can decide if this partnership is right for you.  Please let us know if you need help while collecting the following documents:

·        Filled out and Signed Application

·        Copies of last tax return (1040, 1040A, etc.)

·        Copies of the last three months pay stubs for ALL family members aged 18 and over

·        Copies of the last three months credit card statements

·        Copies of alimony (if you choose to use this in your income to pay for your home)

·        Copy of Social Security or disability benefits (if received) for ALL household members including children

·        Copy of child support, on all children (if you choose to use this in your income to pay for your home)

·        Copy of Food Stamp/Cash Assistance (if received)

·        Copies of last three months’ utility bills (all)

·        Copies of last three months’ bank statements (checking, savings, etc.)

·        Copies of most recent statements for all investment and trust account statements (if held)

·        Copies of most recent retirement account statements (if held)

·        Copies of ALL other income and expense information not specified above (including but not limited to: phone/internet/cable, insurance, lot rent, garbage removal, etc.)

·        Copies of the last three months’ loan statements (on any loans held, including but not limited to car loans, lines of credit, payday loans)

·        Collection Debt – statements or letters stating debtors and amounts.

·        Cover Letter detailing why you want to partner with Habitat, including why you need a home or home repair and how you plan to show willingness to partner with Habitat.


·        REPAIR Applications must also include:

o   Proof of homeownership (Copy of deed or mortgage or print out of auditor's page)

o   Description of ALL Repairs requested.  Habitat reserves the right to evaluate need, extent of damages and priority of any repair requested.  Acceptance into the Habitat partnership does not guarantee all repairs requested will be completed.  Additional repairs cannot be requested after acceptance or added to existing project without review and consent from Director and Selection Committee.

Thank you for your interest in the Habitat partnership.  Please call or email if you have any questions.

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