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A message from Heidi Kern, Habitat Executive Director…

The Golden Years.      I imagine those to be full of joy, peace and the ability to look back over my life with a sense of calm reflection, enjoying the memories I made with my husband, my family and friends. But what do the golden years of life look like for some?

For Mary and Donald, those memories don’t include a life together. Serious health issues changed an already unstable living environment and made it unsafe for Donald to live in their rental unit. Forced to live apart, the hope of homeownership was taken away from these lovebirds when the medical bills took over. With no way to afford an adequate home, memories of despair, worry and loneliness created much different golden years than Mary and Donald had imagined during their working years.

Then Mary called Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio. As I sat across from Mary and Donald in my office, helping them apply for Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program, I watched them. Holding hands. Talking as if they were on a first date even though they’ve been married for years. I realized this meeting means seeing each other for the first time in over a week and relishing every minute together. It also means a chance to own a Habitat home and live together once again.

If they are accepted. If Habitat can fund their project. IF.

Helpless.   That’s how it felt to call Mary and Donald and tell them that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I can’t bring them the peace they deserve in their golden years. Habitat can’t build a home, any home, without the funds needed to complete the project.

Hope.   That’s what I have. Hope for Mary and Donald. Hope for Habitat’s local mission. Hope for your support. With you, Habitat for Humanity will build again, bringing Mary and Donald a stable, affordable home. A safe harbor during hard times. A home in which to grow older together, to make new memories and to hold hands.

YOU can make a difference.

Not only for Mary and Donald, but for many other local families living without stability and security. Please consider a gift to the Habitat mission and help us build in 2021.

Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County, Ohio 104 Monroe St., PO Box 333, Delta OH 43515


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